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The TORXX Kinetic Pulverizer®

The TORXX Kinetic Pulverizer® (TKP) (patented and patents pending) is a new generation of size reduction technology in the waste management and recycling industry. It right-sizes your output at a predicable cost of ownership with a more reliable and durable technology.


Added to your workflow process it is a powerful machine that smashes input materials against themselves at high speed, thereby pulverizing hard materials and tearing softer materials into a fluff, creating a smaller output than traditional shredding equipment.

Use of the TKP in your workflow process can increase revenue through streamlined processes and a homogenised output that increases the value of the end product. As a result, it can also reduce costs for many materials processing applications, such as waste-to-energy fuel preparation, construction and demolition debris, compost preparation and finishing, and materials recycling.

The TKP can process a wide variety of materials, making it an economical choice when used to process different feedstocks on a single site rather than having to use two or more traditional machines to achieve the same outcome.

Existing technology has been limited in what it can do to reduce waste resources to a specific element of size for use elsewhere. As more technology will be needed to recycle waste and divert it from landfill, the TKP offers an advanced size reduction and homogenization solution. For example, the TKP can create an output more conducive to increased thermal efficiency in energy from waste applications, increased revenue for composting through higher quality output, and greater reuse from asphalt shingles into new applications.

The TKP also offers exceptional durability with a low cost of total ownership. Superior reliability and maintenance through fewer breakdowns of wearable or breakable parts, reduced maintenance and an extended service life makes the TKP an exciting addition to the waste industry.


The TORXX Kinetic Pulverizer® (TKP) (patented and patents pending) is an advanced size reduction and homogenization technology that can process a wide variety of different feedstocks using just a single unit.

This revolutionary new technology relies on an electrically powered 500 HP motor to spin a series of VORTEX™ pads at high speeds. These generate multiple vortices which direct the input material into violent matter-on-matter collisions.  Waste material tears itself into fluff, if soft and ductile, or pounds itself into granules or powder, if hard and brittle.

The technology is continuously top fed by conveyor(s) into one or more material input streams.  A single stream will be effectively size reduced, and multiple streams can be blended and homogenized.  A single stream can be used to process different materials, such as wood debris, asphalt shingles, and glass wh.

The unit is controlled via an advanced operator HMI touch screen control panel and high powered VFD. This enables the creation of virtually unlimited feedstock ‘recipes’ for a wide variety of materials and at various output grind sizes. The operator can therefore quickly process a different material or achieve a different output grind size with the touch of a screen button.

The TKP is armor plated inside, with a series of easily replaced wear parts, that protects the unit from wear, and provides for predicable service intervals and a consistent cost of operation. Many of these wear parts are interchangeable or rotatable, further lowering the cost of ownership and reducing wear part inventories.

Exceptional Versatility

Either individually or in combination, multiple feedstocks can be processed by a single TORXX Kinetic Pulverizer® situated indoors or out.

Efficient, Flexible Reduction

In a single pass through, the TKP reduces feedstock to homogenous particles of a pre-specified size.

Superior Reliability and Longevity

Relying on self-attrition, the technology is designed for less wear on internal components, fewer breakdowns, reduced maintenance and an extended service life.

The TORXX Kinetic Pulverizer® (patented and patents pending) has numerous safety features, performance-monitoring sensors and an easy-to-use control panel enabling one-person operation.

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