The TORXX Kinetic Pulverizer® (TKP) is the answer to the growing world sand shortage. The TKP converts waste glass into engineered sand products.

Sand from Glass

Engineered Sand Products

How does the TKP transform glass in to useable sand?

Sand from Glass

The TKP reduces glass bottles and window pane glass to sand and silt.

  • Size reduction of glass in one pass

  • Sand particle size distribution can be configured

  • Comprehensive modular wear plate protection

  • Up to 20 tph throughput

  • Homogenized color

What are some applications of engineered sands?

Sand from Glass

Based on third party independent report:

  • Add to compost and soil amendments

  • High quality golf course bunker sand, fine top dressing sand

  • Aggregates and brick manufacture

  • Fibreglass production

  • Hydraulic fracking

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