When applied to the compost sector, the TORXX Kinetic Pulverizer® (TKP) breaks down feedstock better so that your organics become valuable, nutrient-rich compost and mulch faster.

Key Feedstocks: Wood, Brush, Green Waste, Food Waste, Leaf & Yard and Agricultural Waste

Converting organic waste to compost and mulch diverts waste from landfill, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, restores soils and reduces chemical fertilizer use.

For compost and mulch processors, when you add a TKP to your workflow it will enable you to: manage your compost and mulch work in process within your current yard space; create a quality homogeneous mix with reduced contaminates; reduce equipment maintenance and repair costs per ton and, give your customers the different blends they require.

How the TORXX Kinetic Pulverizer® (TKP) adds value to your composting operation

The TKP has the ability to achieve the greatest material size reduction in one pass. Inducing unique matter-on-matter self-destruction, the TKP tears organic materials into a fine fluff, speeding decomposition and enabling the blending of different feedstock to increase revenues. With the TKP integrated into your processing line, it can drive the efficiency of your entire operation.

What the TKP does

Improves composting processes – enables you to do more with less.

  • Process more material in less time
  • Increased material volume in the same footprint
  • Speeds up material handling – fewer steps in the composting process
  • Reduces screening requirements – reduces over-sized materials
  • Separates fines and plastic film – through use of high quality dust suppression system
  • Shortens the compost cycle
  • Improved quality control
    -Less overs and more value per ton
    -Higher quality of the end product
    -Greater customer confidence

Create revenue opportunities – reduce costs

  • Processes multiple feed stocks – Allows for single feedstock, blended stock and bulking out with other materials
  • Lower cost of ownership – reduced maintenance costs, extended service life
  • Lower material management cost – fewer steps in the workflow process
  • Saves on landfill costs – more material can be processed and diverted
  • Creates a superior marketable end product – good for your business good for the environment

Creates a quality end product

  • Reduces all waste materials to a homogenous output -correct size for composting, reduction of overs
  • Transforms disruptive materials – glass, stones, and contaminating organics; TKP significantly reduces their size eliminating them as disruptors and allows them to be integrated into the end product
  • Improves the curing and composting process –
    -Helps accelerate chemical changes
    -Reduces pathogens
    -Eliminates/reduces weed and seed propagation
  • Increases the quality of the end product– Using TKP in your composting and mulch process helps create a superior end product with better value and marketability