When applied to the construction and demolition sector, the TORXX Kinetic Pulverizer® (TKP) makes recycling construction and demolition waste more reliable, efficient and profitable.

Key Feedstocks: Wood Waste, Asphalt Shingles, Sheet Rock, Cinder Block, Rigid Plastic

With proper processing, the construction and demolition material currently going to landfills can be recycled or repurposed into a valuable resource.

How the TKP adds value to your operation

The TKP has the ability to achieve the greatest material size reduction in one pass. A single TKP unit can process a variety of different feedstocks, including asphalt shingles, wood and railway ties. Its revolutionary design employs no grinders or cutters, instead breaking down the hardest resilient materials with exceptional efficiency and reliability through its use of advanced technology.

What the TKP does

Improves the processes

  • The TKP has the ability to achieve the greatest material size reduction in one pass. Including wood waste processing for end market use according to required size for fuel, animal bedding, mulch and pellets
  • Processes asphalt shingles in a single pass through to increase output and lower energy consumption and reduce wear on parts.Process for end market according to size requirements for blending with asphalt  or road side bonding agent
  • Sheet Rock processing- reduces screening and eliminates finer particles for cleaner end market product. Also improves transportation costs.
  • Cinder Block processing can reduce to aggregate or powder for end market use
  • Reduces rigid plastic to size/baling density for transportation

Create revenue opportunities – reduce costs

  • Processes multiple feed stocks – Allows for single feedstock or blended
  • Lower cost of ownership – reduced maintenance costs, extended service life
  • Lower material management cost – fewer steps in the workflow process
  • Saves on landfill costs – more material can be processed and diverted
  • Creates a superior marketable end product – good for your business good for the environment

Creates a quality end product

  • Reduces all waste materials to a homogenous output
  • Pulverizes asphalt shingles to a variety of sizes, including powder size, for use in the manufacture of asphalt pavement
  • Right sizes the reduction of construction-related wood feedstock to meet a variety of new uses: as fuel in energy from waste conversion, as yard cover, as sawdust for pellets.