E- Waste

The TORXX Kinetic Pulverizer® (TKP), when applied to the E-Waste  sector, reduces the size of small electronics which enhances down stream sorting by grade ( Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Precious Metals as well as plastic or polymers).

Key Feedstocks: 

Smartphones and other small electronics such as, tablets, DVD players, VCRs, etc.

Following the right-sizing for ease of downstream sorting, the TKP can then be used on materials for the purpose of secondary size reduction.

How the TKP adds value to your E- waste operation

The TORXX Kinetic Pulverizer® (TKP) has the ability to achieve the greatest material size reduction in one pass.

What the TKP does

Improves the processes

  • Reduction of small electronics for better downstream sorting of valuable reusable materials.
  • Achieves the greatest material size reduction in one pass
  • Can be used for secondary size reduction of e-waste materials
  • Optimizes the processing of waste for conversion
  • Processes small electronics such as Smartphones and Tablets
  • Improves downstream sorting processes
  • Improved quality control

Create revenue opportunities – reduce costs

  • Allows for better sorting of re-claimable and re-saleable materials
  • Lower cost of ownership – reduced maintenance costs, extended service life
  • Lower material management cost – fewer steps in the workflow process
  • Saves on landfill costs – more material can be processed and diverted
  • Creates a superior marketable end product – good for your business good for the environment

Creates a quality end product

  • Reduces all e-waste materials to optimal size